Michael Kovacik

Hello, my name is Michael Kovacik, proud owner of Superior Inspection Services. I am greatly appreciative for you acknowledging my website. I have gained an immense amount of building construction for the last 8 years, through construction building and customer service. I have been licensed for over 3 years, and worked part-time while in the residential construction industry. I learned something new everyday and it helped me become well-aware of different building standards enacted periodically. This was a great advantage, in having gained ample knowledge of the residential and commercial industry. I was a Mathematics teacher in the Houston Independent School district for 3 years prior to entering the construction industry, and earned high accolades in the teaching.

I am licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) as a Certified Professional Real Estate Inspector. I am an HAR member and do have Supra Key access to properties around the greater Houston and surrounding areas. I maintain my licensing through various continuing education courses, attend working seminars and abide by the Standards of Practice through TREC.

I believe that a home inspection report should be thorough, concise, and clear for all my clients to read. My reports have at least 7-20 pictures per report and provide customer support 24 hours a day. Please do not be bashful or think that "this is a dumb question to ask him" about anything in the inspection report. I am here for all my clients and will answer any question on the report, even if it has 5 - 500 report items.

I would like to personally thank you in introducing myself to you and my website. I would greatly appreciate working with you and become your personal home consultant for life.

Many Thanks,
Michael Kovacik